Life values

Depending on the circumstances, each person, each viewpoint – that will have different definitions. Some people think it is mutual respect, humility, tolerance and happiness; Some people argue that the value lies in the material, money, status and fame that each person builds in life; others argue that value lies in the physical beauty and the way each person feels about it

  • Should our age be measured by the number of years we live or by maturity?

    • the year we live
    • growth


What do you think?


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  1. If we measured age by maturity, I would be a baby and a granny at the same time. ?

    As the individual life is limited, while the collective life has endless potential, I believe we should simply aim to improve and protect the environment where future generations will live.
    It might also mean money, if an inheritance is going to help our children later, but money isn’t everything, of course.

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