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Law on clean air

The clean air act is already in effect for several years. It is a law the prohibits burning of anything that creates smoke. Of course, where there is fire, there is smoke as the reverse of the adage. There is a fine for violators and also a jail sentence when the violation is repeated again and again. The purpose is to lessen the pollution in the air for obviously the smoke is a pollutant.

For those with a garden, the advice for the dried leaves is to make them into a compost that can serve as fertilizer. And for the waste paper like old newspapers, you can bring it to the disposal center for proper recycling. The clean air law is good when it is followed by the citizens because the implementation is not easy to make people follow the law. It is in our nature to be rebellious as to ignore the law sometimes.

  • Do you burn leaves in the garden?

    • Yes
    • sometimes
    • No
    • we just rake it


What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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    • It is probably not as bad compared to cars or industrial smoke, but when your immediate neighbours are constantly burning something, even leaves, and you can’t open your windows or stay outside, it is a big problem.

          • i do applaud your passion! this, however, is a huge problem and honestly while smoke from natural fires is an impact, not as much as the many other things that are destroying the environment.

        • Clearly, the law mentioned in the post is forbidding all fires, because many people sneak in other garbage, including random plastic, clothes shoes, rubber, etc. into the “leaf” piles. If people do it on a large scale, it is already a big problem, and there can’t be enough investigators to make sure whether what is burnt is just leaves. Maybe in the states you have big yards and that is not the problem for you, but in many places it is. Where I live, we have barely any industry and yet the pollution is huge; there are geographic factors that contribute to the pollution to clump together when there’s no wind, etc. Besides, many people heat their houses solely on burning secondhand clothes and shoes, and feed themselves on burning car tires to sell the metal in them. So if there’s something that can be done to prevent at least a little bit of the pollution, it should.


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