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Keep your pets inside your property

I have complained to the village office that there are many loose dogs in our street. Based on my estimate, there are more than 7 dogs that prowl the road 24/7. The problem is the mess the leave on the road and also the barking especially at night. It is not just annoying because it robs us of our sleep. But the village officer just promised. That was a month ago and nothing happened. My wife said that maybe the officers of our village are preoccupied with the virus problem. Oh well, what can we do but wait.

Pet owners should be taught a  lesson that pets are living things. They should be cared for and not left outside come rain and sun. I don’t know the motive of those pet owners why they got a pet and let it out in the streets.

  • Is your dog noisy at night?

    • Yes
    • No
    • we do not have a pet


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. People that have pets need to be responsible for them. If they do not leave their children or babies outside then they should not leave their pets outside too. I do not have a dog now. I have a cat and she lives inside with me. She is an indoor cat. She goes out on our porch and loves it.

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