It Came to a Head

Today after breakfast it seemed like everyone had their own plan. Mine was cleaning up the kitchen and then off to the laundry room.  As one of them went off to bed he said “Well, at least no one will be up and bugging you.” I didn’t find that news helpful.  He then leaned back out and said “We need to go to the store when I wake up we need a few things.”

The other one said  “I am going to a friends. The upstairs probably needs to be vacuumed today.”

I got the kitchen cleaned up and headed to the laundry room. Someone had was clothes and not bothered to take them out of the washer so that had to be done over. I did the folding and ironing. I couldn’t get them put away because he was sleeping in the bedroom where those clothes went. At least they were ready to be put away when the bedroom was clear.

The grandkids called to say they were coming to spend the night. I looked outside and said “It’s snowing up here so if you are going to come you probably need to get headed this way.”

I began feeling a lot of pressure, like things needed to get done now. So I shifted into 2nd gear. As near as I could tell all the chores were left up to me and now there were some time constraints. 

The washer and dryer are both going. There are cookies baking in the oven in case the grandchildren really show up. I have carried the vacuum upstairs. Someone else may have to turn it on and push it around. 

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  1. Some people need to be trained to clean up after themselves, if they have the full physical use of their limbs then they have no excuse to leave you to do all the work.
    However, I have a husband that is physically disabled and I have to watch out how much I do for him. Never do everything for anyone.
    Its kinder in the end.

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