In which Squad you are?

Iron man and Captain America Marvel’s best creation. Captain America had a very high intelligence, agility, strength, speed, endurance and reaction time better than any other, whereas Iron Man has genius level intellect, specialize in advanced weapons and armor. A fight between this two could be very dangerous. They first played in Captain America: Civil War.

In this fight results were not clearly comes out. In future we will surely get the answer who will win if a fight broke out between Captain America and Iron Man. I hope you will enjoy the poll. Be a part of it and share your experience. Thank You.

  • In which Squad you are?

    • Captain America
    • Iron Man


What do you think?

Written by Paban

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  1. I went with Captain America since the actor that plays him did not to tweet to me “How could you live with yourself?” since I did Yahoo Movies that Iron Man is not the character I remember from the Marvel Super Heroes hour on television.