If you choose to do it……..

My parents have been and remain a big influence in my world. My Mom was my best friend and biggest critic. She passed away and it took a long time because she is and was tenacious. 

One of her close friends reached out to me  a few days ago. I was very surprised. I haven’t heard from her in years. She is very ill and believes her time on earth is short.

She said “Hey, this is Greta, do you remember me?”

“Oh my, how could I ever forget Mom’s partner in all fun crimes. The jokes you two managed to pull on people have inspired me for a lifetime.”

“I need a favor.”

“You got it. How can I help?”

“I am ready to leave this earth and the doctors have confirmed it. I am fine with it because your Mom has reorganized her little corner up there and has a place for me. She always made room for me in her world. I don’t want my funeral to be a drag. You know how your Mom always said “If you choose to do it make it worth remembering.”

“Oh how could we forget that. She crosstitched it, framed it and even went so far as to bring the stuff and hang it our homes. She never left what was really important to her to chance.”

“Great, then will you please write my life sketch and share all the happiness and fun things I have done in this life. I want people to remember me with a smile and a laugh, at least on the day that bury me.”

I was honored.

She was not done. “I also want a headstone that is different and I  know you can take care of that. I am sending you the money.  It will not be traditional, and it is what I want. I know you respect me enough to do it my way. “

She cheerfully said, “I have to go now but watch for the mail.”

The mail came today with information and instructions. It included a copy of a letter she had sent to her family with all sorts of instructions. I skipped over what they were responsible for and went to my assignments.

It’s not time to write her life sketch yet, and it is time to get the headstone made. She wants to see it before she passes away. So today I went to the quarry and picked a beautiful stone. I took it to our engraver and handed him the information.

“I thought we were making a headstone.”

“We are, and we are doing it just the way she wants its.”

He laughed and said “You got it.”

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  1. I do want to know what happens however right now I am curious about one thing. What kind of headstone does she want? I know there is another life waiting for us all so I know that headstones and graves we leave down here are just a place for people to come visit because our souls have already flown.

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