In the water, hippos rest near each other. However, when grazing it’s a solitary activity and as such, hippos are not territorial on land. Few people know, that hippos are among the most dangerous animals in the world.

It is almost always highly aggressive and completely unpredictable. They are even more dangerous now than at any time before as their habitat is being seriously threatened by human encroachment and poaching for their ivory canine teeth and for their meat.

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  1. I doubt you would ever find a Hippo in captivity because they are well-known fence-breakers. I once went to the St Lucia game reserve in Zulu-land and we were sleeping in our car outside their gates, waiting for them to open at 8 am.the next morning. When I woke up I thought it was overcast like it was going to rain because when I looked through the window it was dark gray, like rainy weather. The next moment the mountain of gray started moving, it was a hippo 1 meter from my door! We sat very quietly waiting until it moved away, it had broken through the “hippo-proof “fence-wire to graze on the grass outside the gates.

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