Having good food at home

In this time of lockdown, curfew, checkpoint, and other restrictions directly connected to the covid-19 virus, a good respite at home is good food. Think of your favorite food and how to source it out. It is not easy to buy food in the market due to the long lines but if you could go there early then you may have an easier time in the market. The next problem is the budget because so many are jobless and if you are one of them then good food may not be reachable for now. But anyway, there are cheaper foods that you can buy and be content with.

Vegetable dishes like broccoli or the cheaper tropical vegetables would be okay. With the meat, it can be chicken which is the cheapest. But if I can afford beef then I would surely settle for steak. It is one good food for me.  

  • Do you cook steak at home?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I just eat out


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Written by Alex Socorro

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