“She was bathing on the roof in the moonlight when she noticed you staring at her nakedness…  On her roof, you saw her bathing in the moonlight, when she looked up and saw you staring at her nakedness. Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you. Your faith was strong, but you needed proof.

She tied you to the kitchen chair, she cut your hair, and from your lips, she drew your Hallelujah.” “Oh, baby, I’ve been here before, I know this room, I’ve walked this floor.”


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  1. I see why 33% gave me downvotes. It was probably due to the,(lewd) words I copied from the song. I finally understood the song which was loosely written from the Psalms when David sent the woman who was bathing on her roof’s, husband off to war, hoping that he would die, which he did, so he could take her for himself. It was David’s great sin.

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