Going To The Chiropractor – How To Prepare For An Appointment

For those who have not been to a chiropractor it will be a different experience than going to a medical doctor.

First you should know how to dress. The following should help you with your visits to the chiropractor`s office.

Do not wear a dress or skirt because you will be in positions that will not be ladylike.

Do not wear low cut shirts, same as before you will be bending and laying down and not in a ladylike fashion.

Do not wear leggings or spandex bottoms, as one chiropractor said once ” you know that is not right.”

Do not wear high heels as it can become hard to do posture photo`s and stretch exercises when asked.

Do not wear ANY jewelry because you will have to remove it for x-rays and some of the treatments involve therapy that a necklace would be in the way.

Do not wear makeup, I know a lot of you ladies are frowning at this one but when you are laying face down on the adjustment table, your face in the whole on that table, I can guarantee you will leave  half of that makeup behind on that paper and sometimes it`ll smear your mascara till you look like a raccoon. Trust me on this one! Its better to come natural than leave looking like a two year old applied your makeup.

What to wear is simple, just make sure that you are comfortable.

Jeans and sweat pants are the best to wear, you have good range of motion and when you are twisted sideways on the adjustment table you are all covered and not showing a room of strangers your stuff.

A t-shirt or a round neck shirts are the best, when you are asked to lay down on the adjustment table you can with ease without flashing your boobs to the whole room.

Simple flats are good for shoes or Sneaker / tennis shoes. Wearing the appropriate shoes means you do not have to take your shoes off when you get onto the machines.

Follow these simple tips and you should feel comfortable while visiting you chiropractor.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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