Giving the dog a bath

We have 3 dogs that usually occupy our Saturday morning for their weekly bath. After breakfast we start with the bathing that takes up to 11 am. It is not easy to give them a bath, one by one, of course. After the bath there is the cleaning of the nook and cranny like the ears, mouth, etc. There’s also the trimming of the hair if needed.

For dog lovers, the chore is worth the effort. But sometimes we bring our dogs to the grooming salon especially when it is raining. Our dogs enjoy the trip and probably they also enjoy the bath and the grooming. But the salon is expensive.

  • Do you give your pet a bath regularly?

    • Yes
    • No
    • just once a week
    • sometimes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. It must be easier to give dogs a bath than it is to give a cat a bath. Back in Latvia out cat always went in and out and was all over the garden. So his long fur got dirty. Once a month he got a really good bath. My husband had to put on thick gloves and then he held the cat while I shampooed him and then rinsed him. After I gathered him up in a huge towel and took him upstairs and let him out in the bedroom. He was a miserable sight and we did not let him out again. However, once he was dry and clean even he felt so much better.

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