German Bundesliga 5/17/20

The Bundesliga provided the world with five matches Saturday without a hitch.  That positivity is looking to continue Sunday with a doubleheader to end the weekend.

The first match is with FC Koln (pronounced Cologne) hosting FSV Mainz 05.  Both teams have lost only once in their last four games.  However, Mainz needs the victory a little bit more because they are only three points away from the relegation zone while Koln has a nine-point cushion.  This match can go either way.

The second match is with first-place FC Bayern Munich travelling to FC Union Berlin.  Bayern can extend their lead in the Bundesliga to four points over second-place Borussia Dortmund.  Fortunately, Munich will not have to deal with the fans in Berlin.  Union Berlin has some of the most passionate fans in the Bundesliga.  Their excitement takes Union Berlin to another level.  However, Berlin will look to win without their fans in the arena because they are only seven points away from the relegation zone.

Both games will be televised on FS1.

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    Koln or Mainz?

    • Koln
    • Mainz
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    Union Berlin or Bayern Munich?

    • Union Berlin
    • Bayern Munich


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