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Fumigating the surroundings

Once a month or every 2 months, we fumigate our front yard and backyard to assure a clean surroundings for our dogs. What we use for clearning is water and dish washing liquid soap. A bucket of water with ¼ glass of liquid soap is splashed on the yard and left, no rinsing needed. Even insects will be turned off by the odor of the yard.

When ticks attacked our yard, that was the first time that we used that formula in cleaning the surrroundings. It was very effective that now we use the liquid soap for cleansing whatever pest there is, be it ticks, fleas or even bed bugs. They couldn’t stand the potency of the liquid soap.

  • Do you fumigate your yard?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Our yard is covered by lawn, we cut the grass every few days, it is clean and does not need fumigating. The front side of the home, entrance is paved by tiles, and yes, we wash it often with foam and some disinfecting liquid.

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