Flowers for you

In our culture, the flowers have many meanings as a symbol but it is always positive. For a girl or woman, receiving flowers can be flattering since it is a symbol of love of any kind, from the family or from a suitor. In the living room, the flowers are symbol of life at home. And in death, flowers signify the love as a send off from the family that are left behind. Flowers can also mean a peace offering. Oh, there are more meanings that a flower can symbolize. No need to mention Valentine’s day.

For me, the flower is not a good gift because it cannot be eaten. My mother would be happier if I would give her a cauliflower or broccoli that she can cook for our meal. Or maybe a new purse for her use. Whatever it is, I don’t believe in giving flowers even when I was a suitor. Chocolates was my go to gift.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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