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Final piece of the jigsaw!

I am one of the co-executors (along with my sister) of my mother’s will. She died in early June, just a few weeks short of her 104th birthday – a good innings, as they say in this part of the world.

Before any money can be released to the beneficiaries, the executors have to apply for probate, and this can only be done after they have gathered evidence of all the deceased’s assets. This is not always straightforward.

In our case, most of the assets have been quite easy to find, although there were one or two surprises along the way, such as bank accounts that had been forgotten about but actually contained thousands of pounds. 

However, one puzzle was her holding in a National Savings account. We knew that she had an account, because she had made a list of her various accounts a few years ago. The problem was that these accounts always come with a passbook, and we simply cannot find this. 

You can apply to National Savings for the account to be closed and the money released, but this has proved to be quite a long-winded process. 

So there we were – all the assets accounted for and totalled up, all bar this single item. What we did not know, and could not find out, was what sort of money was involved. National Savings confirmed that there was an account, but would not say what it was worth. Without knowing this, we could not go ahead and apply for Probate.

This morning, after several weeks’ delay, the letter finally arrived from National Savings. We now know that, in addition to the value of Mother’s bank accounts and her property (a sheltered flat in Poole) we can add the princely sum of –

£23.99 !!

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