Feeling homesick while on travel

Travel has been a passion with me and I have covered several countries.  The one package which I took covering the US was the longest lasting 55 days.  After a 21 day package tour I stayed back to visit family and friends. 

Although all who I visited made me feel at home I was missing home.  I just wanted to get back.  And the day I got back was the happiest day of my life.  

I never thought I would feel homesick as my travel passion I felt would never make me feel that way but perhaps this long stay away could have been the reason. 

  • Have you ever felt homesick at any time?

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  1. The US is my homeland and there were times I felt the urge to want to return. But while I had my soul mate and we were happy living together in Latvia I felt settled. So when he suddenly passed away I immediately knew I had to return to the US because that would help me to heal and I could just live with my memories.


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