Duck meat for health

With the suspicious chicken meat that some say has too many chemicals, the duck-raisers have sounded the alarm for more production. Getting popular is the fried duck that is similar to the roasted chicken. It can be ordered from individuals who cook duck meat or can be bought in the supermarket. Since duck meat is tough, much tougher then the tender meat of chicken, the duck needed to be marinated for 24 hours to make the meat tender. With a deep frying technique, the meat becomes tender and crispy as well.

Duck meat is healthier in the sense that duck-raisers feed their ducks with grains and other kind of feed but there is no vitamins or anti-biotic. They say that chicken meat is so tender due to the excessive vitamins and maybe also the antibiotic. Another plus for the ducks is that they are loose and usually near water in a pond or river. So for those who do not want chicken, you can try duck meat.

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