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Dressing up for the occasion

When there is an occasion, there is usually the so called dress code or the prescribed attire. Especially for formal events, the prescribed attire should be indicated in the invitation and the guests should abide by the request of the host. One example of a formal event is a church wedding. In our country, the choice would be the suit and necktie or the native Barong. But usually it is either of the 2 only which means it is the coat and tie or the Barong.

For foreigners who do not know about the native attire in the country, it is all right to just wear the suit which is also fine considering that he is a foreigner. But for the locals, the prescribed attire for the occasion should be followed to delight the host.

  • Do you have a suit for formal occasion?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I just rent the suit


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Written by Alex Socorro

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