Dream Travel Destinations: Croatia

I have not traveled anywhere in over 20 years.  Before I stopped traveling, I had visited different cities in the USA and two countries: The Bahamas and Mexico.  Those are the only 2 places I have been outside of America.  But that has never stopped me from dreaming of places I would love to visit outside of America.

The short title for my bucket list is “Dream Travel Destinations”.  The full title of my list is “Places I WillOnly Ever Visit In My Dreams”.

Croatia is a country on my bucket list of Dream Travel Destinations.

Why Croatia?

Well, for one thing, their flag is the same colors as the USA: red, white, and blue.

The other reason is that I’ve seen photographs of this country and the scenery is incredibly beautiful.

Here is a fun fact that I just learned about Croatia.  I would not have known this because … I know everybody will gasp in shock when I say this … but I’ve never seen a single episode of “Game of Thrones”.  Yes I know this drama series is immensely popular and that everybody watches it faithfully, they know all of the characters, they understand the storyline, etc.  But uuhh … yeah! I missed that fantasy fan boat.

Now I’m a tad bit upset with myself because I found out that many of the filming locations for the Game of Thrones were in Croatia! That means that I could have visited Croatia, the land in my dreams, possibly every time an episode was aired.  But all is not lost.  Saw an advertisement that said a person would stream free episodes.  Perhaps I’ll put GoT on my “Binge-Watch List”.

UPDATE MARCH 22, 2020:  On a sad note, news reports indicate that Croatia has not only been affected by the COVID-19 virus but also by an earthquake.  So not only am I dreaming of Croatia but praying for the people as well.


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