Dogs do not like the rains

It is a bad time for our dogs now because it is already the rainy season. They hate the rain or maybe the sound of the rain. The vet said that our dogs may have associated the rain to the thunder which is really connected.

When it rains mildly there is no effect. But when the rain is pouring then the dogs become intimidated and restless. We have to cuddle them for assurance. But come to think of it, that cuddling is one way of bonding with the dogs.

  • Do you use umbrella when it rains?

    • Yes


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I gave up on using an umbrella a long time ago. They used to fall a part so I just wore coats with hoods and would also be out of the rain inside my scooter but still had to clean off the screen so had to get a rag out and do it and keep doing it till no more rain. It must be hard on all of you and I bet the dogs appreciate you cuddling with them when the rain bothers them. Yes, that is a good way to bond with them. I had a cat that hated the rain. Not sure if it bothers Sophie.

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