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Dining in buffet style

Buffet dining here is very popular because the diners think that they have saved money by paying a fixed charge in exchange for the unlimited trips to the buffet table. But those restaurants are earning good. One restaurant manager said that buffet diners have their capacity that no matter who much they eat, the law of the capacity will catch them. In other words, there is no way that the buffet restaurant can lose from a heavy eater.

But the issue in the buffet restaurant is the wasted food. No matter how the poster says “no leftover” the diners would always have something left on the plate. It can be due to not so good taste or maybe just the caprice of the diner. And where would the leftover go but to the trash bin. That is the sad part of buffet dining.

  • Do you eat in buffet restautants?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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