Delivery of food items

This is not about the delivery of food from the restaurant to the home. This is the sending of food to other people via the delivery system. There are 2 systems here, one is the Grab Food and another is the Lala Move. All you need is to install an app and there you go. When you want to send food to a friend who lives in another city, the app will give you the estimated cost. If you agree then you just wait for the delivery person on his motorcycle.

In this era of lockdown, we can at least send food to people that we care for. Relatives have also been sending us anything that they think we will appreciate. It is nice to think that there  is a way of sending your love to your loved ones.

  • Do you order food for delivery?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. That really sounds like a good system. I do not order food online. I tried it once and it was not good. I have no idea what people do in order these days because of the virus how they send food to their loved ones.

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