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Dear Antagonist ~

Thank you for sending me the lovely message and asking such an interesting question. After much thought I have decided to flip my switch. I am going to kindly answer the questions that you asked. The reason that I make many polls is that some of me readers come from a “poll group” and they enjoy them. They have no desire to join Virily,  and still they can participate with the polls. They reach other people.

Whom do I write for? Mostly for me. I love what I do and it gives me comfort.

Why do I write spammy posts? I write from my heart most of the time, perhaps it’s made of spam.

Do I think I am perfect? Far from it. I would list all my faults, but it would take much too much time and it would over the 36000 characters (or is it words that are allowed?)

Why do I think respect is a gift? I would not like to be judged by those who don’t know my heart and I will not do that to others.

I don’t know if Antagonist will take the time to read it and at least the questions are answered.  It’s a great big interesting world and there is room for everyone. This helps remind me of that and so it’s a good thing.

  • Is this a great way to heal?

    • Yes
    • No
  • I can see the humor, can you?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Oddly someone claimed to be the antagonist – “that person” was not the person who sent me the message or asked the questions. So those comments can be removed. I don’t want someone taking credit for something they didn’t do.

    Teaching moments are hard to come by when people feel so guilty about I don’t know what that they take credit.

    Be what it may. I will move forward and keep up the good work. Hope others will do the same. Have a great day all.

    • If you haven’t noticed the already reported comments were not deleted and are back…

      If the comment above is meant on me, I certainly didn’t write this comment to report myself as an antagonist for this situation, but just commenting what you write and the generally opposite you do…

  2. I’m sorry to know about it. Actually, I didn’t know much about what’s happening in this place since I just started to become active for a little over a month. My opinion on this is that as long as you are not hurting or stepping someone, and you are not violating the rules, you are free to do what you want.

    Let me share this to quote I found online. When people throw you stones, it’s because you are a good tree full of fruits. They see a lot of harvest in you. Don’t go down to their level by throwing them back the stones, but throw them your fruits so the seeds of yourself may inspire them to change their ways. Source:

  3. I hope I have not offended you in any way. I enjoy your posts. I don’t think anyone should just content without reading.

    I worry about the attacks that occur right now. There is little to justify being mean.

    Again, I hope I have not offended you.

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