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Dead Smartphone

What will you gonna do if your gadgets stop working because of a software malfunction or owner. Carelessness,lack of awareness,overheating and accidentally drop in a water the 1st thing to do is go to the service center if you buy your phone in a well known legitimate brand smartphone company for sure they have a service center near you or in your area.

I have worries,though in these issue if you hiding something in your smartphone’s like inappropriate pictures, adult videos there’s a possibility that the phone technician can get it and store in hes devices and later on can be spread online .So better not too installed,download anything inappropriate so you will not regret sooner or later.

  • Do you have smartphone that stops working

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Written by jasmine

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  1. Well… I had a smartphone that stopped working because it can no longer handle the software updates.
    As for phones that got soaked in water, the first that you should do is remove the battery and put it in a container with uncooked rice! This method works. It even worked on my power bank.

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