It is with mixed emotion that I write on this subject. It doesn’t seem like 20 years have passed since the tragic shooting. It would impossible to believe that everyone has healed from the horrific events. I am just as concerned today as I was 20 years ago about the parents and family of the shooters. While I pray and hope they have somehow healed and come to terms with what happened, I worry that they will never find comfort. I am equally worried about those parents and family who were the innocent victims. 

The truth is we live in a varied divided situations. There are always people who are left out and don’t fit in. Most of the time no one notices and they become invisible. Eventually, many do something drastic and public simply to be seen.

I don’t know why the young person from Florida came to Colorado and purchased a gun. It would appear it was done to commit suicide.  The story is still fresh and there are many holes. It is hard to know how and who will be effected.

  • Do you remember the Columbine School Shooting?

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  • Do you approve of school drills for active shooters?

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  1. I began my professional career as a school teacher. I know so many teachers (I ran an international teaching society of 10 years) around the world that I check every time i hear of such horrific events. It shakes me to the core. It is a tough topic you’ve covered it well!

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