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Clay pottery for water use is beneficial to human health

Use of Clay pottery to keep water safe is centuries old, but due to the era of innovation, there is decline in the use of Clay pottery but still in use and not completed ended. Drinking water from the Clay pottery is more beneficial for human health than drinking cold water from the refrigerator, because many minerals and vitamins are naturally obtained from soil.

Due to the era of innovation, there is a decline in the use of the  Clay pottery but this tradition has not ended yet, However, at the very least people’s house, water is kept in the Clay pottery. Clay pottery is often used in different villages and especially in Romanian villages, Native Indian Villages in United states and India and Pakistan in the Cholistan Villages.

The art of making Clay pottery was very easy in past ancient time and people used to make themselves at home to use it for water and even for decoration as well. It is still found in many places for plantation flower’s etc.

Scientist and medical experts recommend Clay pottery for water use and consider it more safe than refrigerator water.

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