Bicycles for delivery

Do not be mistaken with the title that the bike is used for delivery. Yes, it is used for delivery and the item to be delivered is also a bike. That is one proof that the bicycle is now selling like the proverbial hotcakes. It is the effect of the ban on public transportation. Those with no car of their own will be at a big disadvantage to travel to their place of work. The bicycle is at least a remedy.

A neighbor who has a shop for fixing bicycles said the price of bicycles in the store have shot up. That is understandable as dictated by the law of supply and demand the price goes up when the demand rises.

  • Do you see bicycles for delivery?

    • Yes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. That is certainly one way to get around. As far as I know we will be in lockdown from tomorrow at 2 pm for about 3 weeks so do not know if transportation will be running or not. They felt maybe the lockdown will help. We will see if people are better after it or worse. I know there are those telling people to demonstrate against it. Why can’t we all work together to get rid of the virus instead of working against each other.

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