Become An Inspirational Speaker

Once when I was looking for a new career I asked a group of friends what job would they recommend me to seek? What do they see that I do good and it does not require a million years of college.

99% told me that I would make a good inspirational speaker.

I thought about this and let it pass, thinking “how in the world would I ever make a living talking?”

Seven years later I have been told so many times that I was the inspiration behind what someone else is trying to accomplish or has done so, while that makes me feel good knowing this I often wonder should I one day take this on as a new job to actually make money?

I say to myself ” Think girl, just think about this for a minute.”

Over the years I have crawled out of my shell and made myself a few nice jobs but over time I tire of the same thing, I would like something new and exciting. Plus meeting new people and most of them with a positive attitude has its appeal.

Then I have to look deep within myself, wondering where do I get my inspiration from?

Oh! I look to God for my life`s path and some people don`t believe so I cannot use that when asked where I get my inspiration from, but I would not use God to talk to others about how to make positive changes in their lives.

I have watched one or two motivational speakers in the past and maybe its just me but I always feel they are just full of it. As positive as I am I still have those days that I feel the world is caving in on me, sure I shake it off and move on but how can I explain sometimes life is crap and be positive?

Ding ding! the light just came on what if I get a few of those people who say:

1- I can`t get a job I have no car, I can`t buy a car with no job.

2 – The universe hates me!

3 – No one has ever loved me.

4- No one will help me get started in life.

I deal with these people already and I smile and walk away but if I am getting paid I better get a few lines memorized for the negative, doubters of life. Is it possible to change how someone thinks about life, about how life works?

By Andria Perry

Photos Pixabay

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    Do you feel you can help people with chats?

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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. I feel the same as you I see so called motivational speaker talkings. You are motivated by the things that you do in your life. You want something and go after it. No matter what it takes. Yes, i have been told, the I motivate people, although, I have no idea how? Like you I try to stay positive, but even the best of us have set back and bad bad. I bet people would just love to hear you talk.


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