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Be careful in grooming the salon

The tick is like the dreaded virus although unlike the virus that is lethal, the tick is highly communicable and would make the dog sick. One common source of the tick is the neighborhood where loose dogs are on the roads to spread the ticks on their backs. If you think your dog is safe because you don’t let it walk on the road, think again. The tick can crawl inside your property in search of the luscious scent of your dog.

But the home is not hard to eradicate of ticks because there are ways and means. Now the issue is about the grooming salon. Admittedly the grooming salon handles so many dogs and cats for the bathing and trimming and other grooming chores. When one dog has ticks, it can contaminate the entire place. Ticks multiply fast so it is understandable that a dog with ticks would spread the ticks to other dogs in a matter of minutes. The rule when you bring your dog to the grooming salon is to check it for ticks after the grooming.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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