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Banning the use of phone in the road

Drivers of vehicles are not allowed to use their phone when the vehicle is moving and even on a traffic stop. The law has been implemented 2 years ago but the enforcement is doubtful since the tinted windshield could block the view of the driver from the outside. That is now an issue that the law is being abused by drivers since the traffic cops cannot see them.

Another law is coming up and that is the banning of the use of phone while walking in the streets. The use of earphone is also part of the ban. This one is easier to enforce than the first one since the enforcer can clearly see who is violating the law. But the problem is how can the enforcer implement the law when majority of the people in the streets are using their phone? That remains to be seen.

  • Do you use your phone while walking outside?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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