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Backyard piggery

In the olden days, the backyard piggery is very common. It is common to see a neighbor carrying a big can of pig feed that he gathered from the neighbors. The leftover food was not thrown but put in a can to be collected on the next day. The piglets would grow on the leftover food of the neighbors. It is like having no overhead for the feed that is practically free and just a little effort is needed in collecting the feed.

When the pig is full grown and sold, the good neighbors who provided the feed from their leftover are given a share no matter how small. That is a token of appreciation from the pig owner. In this modern time there are still backyard piggeries in the suburbs and outskirts of the city but the traiditional collecting of the leftover food is not practiced anymore. The pigs are now fed with commercial feed. Gone is the cooperation and support of the neighborhood.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. That was a great way to feed pigs. I know in Latvia people who own chickens look toward their neighbors for things like old rags to put in chicken coops to keep them warm and other things that they cannot always get for themselves.

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