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No Boer Had Dare Call It A Conspiracy, so, Sweden had decided to come clean as it were, finally admitting to their grievous mistake, with their involvement, in South-Africa in the late sixties, and through the 1990s as they, were admittedly, the most outspoken country of their deep hatred for the Afrikaner, Boer pariahs, a group of Christian farmers, who incidentally had fled their European country’s, in 1652 as a collective, religious group, fleeing from, Holland, Germany, Belgium, and France from the persecution by the Catholic church for the preservation of their Calvinistic Christian values, to seek refuge by settling in South-Africa, a sparsely-populated, arid, wild country, which, (as documented by Bartholomeus Diaz and Vasco da Gama respectively circa 1400s), was upon their arrival found to indeed be sparsely populated by the nomadic, peace-loving tribes of the Hottentot or Bushmen, the authentic occupiers of the area called South-Africa and who are today referred to as the Xoisan people. 

To this day, their values and their kind feelings towards the white settlers remain largely unchanged, (In the war against the ANC, in the 1970s through 1990’s they fought alongside the whites as tracker’s medics and radio-operators) I was there. NOTE: Besides the many Bushmen, there were several thousand Black soldiers fighting in our trenches against the ANC,  facts, extensively documented at the time in military documents. 

The Bushman’s values are very similar to those of the Red-Indians of North America and the Aborigines of Australia. No reliable, unbiased documents, of mass killings, were perpetrated by these white Christian, European farmers.

The current dominators of South-Africa, ie comprising factions of the 11 tribes collectively called Mguni migrated from sub-Saharan Africa and arrived on the east-coast of South-Africa, 150 years after those European farmers, Boers from Europe.

This information is widely distorted and marvelously suppressed everywhere in South-Africa and nowhere is mention made of who arrived when and from where, and who did what to whom The entire free world has bought into the lie about this bunch of rabid, rip-roaring, land-grabbing cutthroat, mongrels, ( Christian Farmers) landing on Africa’s shores, killing everything in existence, which was a darker shade than pure white. 

No story documented of a single scalping by a Boer, or of a Gattling-gunning, down of 1000’s of unarmed men, women, and children as recorded in the annals of American history and here in this book, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, by Dee Brown, or, who, precisely had started the art of scalping in the first place?, you can betcha, it ain’t no Indian, no, nary a one. While you check into these facts, why not check also into the global slave trade, see if you can find out what stately people ultimately perfected the art of slavery, You might even discover that those slavers, also invented Apartheid and not this bunch of farmers. Watch this video if you care about the truth.

Believe what you wish then watch a video of the truth as told by a non-South-African settler

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