Abandoned Japanese Billionaire's Mansion, Worth $200,000,000 w/ Everything Left Behind

Hi everyone! And to those of you who are new here, Steve Ronin just wants to welcome you to his YouTube channel! As I have mentioned, he uses the brand name, Steve Ronin on social media. Steve is a photographer/vlogger/filmmaker with a passion for urban exploration, (Urbex). His goal is to document all the forgotten and wonderful abandoned places around the world and to create these documentaries in his own unique taste and style. Steve Ronin wants to bring you into his world for just a moment and hopefully, that makes you feel better about life and living. Enjoy. 

PS. YOUTUBE VIDEO PROMOTION:“If you click the YouTube name, bottom right of all videos, and allow them to open from YouTube to watch them directly, you will be doing a really wonderful thing!!! By just clicking the like buttons, the owner gets a  few cents from Google Adsense which in turn, allows them to earn some revenue. Most of us, Vloggers, rely very heavily on those clicks.So, In the spirit of COVID 19 goodwill among all,I thank you,”Andre’  Hartslief


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