A Useful Free Tool-Image.

On Virily, writers are all associated with images. We need to post images with our articles and many of the writers were formidable photographers long before joining Virily. Others, on the other hand were just spellbound by the visual quality of featured images. An increase in popularity is the monochrome or black and white pic’s which writers post, wanting readers to guess the original colors. This prompted me to post the above 1920’s photograph of fashion-conscious young office workers in downtown Manhatten, on a lunch break.  

The photograph is black and white as stated, and the colorizing was done automatically with the free version of this incredible tool. I have colorized several family-snaps which came out amazingly well, my favorite is one of my own mom on her wedding day in 1949. As mentioned above, that photo was influenced by the 1920’s Gadsby era. If you would like to have some fun you can get free access to the tool here, (no signup required) CLICK HERE

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