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How stupidly we bicker about political correctness. Insisting, constantly on being right. I now have no doubt, that only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten what and where would we be without that cliched object,  mother earth? 

Every day we destroy more and more of it, like slowly ripping out our hearts. Only now you are finding out that the reason there are so many sinkholes around the earth, is because you have disemboweled your only mother, Earth, the greatest gift of all.. an unpayable treasure…  I love nature, and all that makes part of it. I only feel alive when the green embraces me.. Take everything away from me, except for nature…

There isn’t a season better than another, or one less beautiful… it all depends on how you look at it. A foggy day has mysteries, hides unexpected sights.. yet makes you suddenly discover something.. A rainy day conceals something special… It can give you special and unique memories. A walk in the rain in nature is unique… 

The scent of flowers in spring, a rebirth.. promises..  as the summer embraces you in its warmth, brightening up the sky and makes the day last longer for doing things you otherwise might not do…   Nature and seasons… everyday life, year after year… but how many do really see and live up to this? Nothing is for granted.. and it’s up to all of us to protect our habitat… Our source of life..  and to understand that we are nothing but stupid little people.


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