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This Mother Was Arrested For Stealing Groceries. Then Police Saw That Her Kids Hadn’t Eaten In Days

The situation of stealing, to make ends meet is getting more and more out of hand the world over. Many of the crimes are bogus and often law enforcement officers are faced with the dilemma of having to be a police officer first and a humane member of society, second. But, this day in Hillsborough they did something no, one saw coming. Besides the pictures in the above thumbnail, all parties involved in the story are played by actors in order to protect them, the narrator relates the true events as they unfolded.

If you are someone that can relate to this, watch as something incredible happens here!


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  1. I was left speechless watching the video including your comment. At times, that is the right thing to do. When possible, I assist wherever I can. Not because I would need help in the future but the fact I’m capable at that time to help. It was good of you to help the family of the boy.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, it is also unfortunately true in New Zealand as well. I used to work in a food bank and have sometimes given people food parcels. I don’t know the circumstances but sometimes people need a hand up.
    Some are quick to judge others but don’t see the other side of life of people. I can see that often these circumstances are not always the fault of people impoverished by of the system in where they live.

  3. I’m pretty much of a wimp and are usually patrolling the, sullied or gray areas I come across, One day, as a rookie cop, I was called to apprehend a kid for selling fruit in a non-demarcated spot. He was 12 and I asked him, why he was not in school and selling fruit illegally. All he kept saying through a flood of tears were the words, “I’m so sorry officer.” It was a straightforward case for the Juvenile court… I told him not to cry and that I would help him. He told me that his mom was a diabetic on insulin and his dad was recently discharged from hospital, after suffering a stroke. I took him home and saw that the facts checked out. The entire family, parents and three kids had not eaten in days. Not my problem as a cop, but what about the human in me? I did several things which almost got me fired by my commanding officer, (my own father), but for the Indian family that day, life changed a little for the better. The rigid application of the law and those tiny messy gray areas, between right and wrong, finally lead to my resignation a few years later.

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