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A question on wearing the gloves

I had posted in another forum about wearing gloves for safety from the virus. That is very appropriate in the market. A customer may be a carrier who touched the product that later on I would touch it myself. When that product has a virus then it may come to my hands. But if I wear gloves then the virus in on the gloves. But detractors say that the virus remains in the gloves which means you have to throw the gloves after use. That is a good argument.

So what do you think, is wearing gloves just an added expense since washing the hands is better? Maybe we just refrain from touching anything in the market to make our hands safe from a potential contamination of the covid-19 virus.

  • Do you wear gloves?

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    • No
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What do you think?


Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I wear gloves when opening doors, when withdrawing money from an ATM or any other metal surfaces. As for food and their plastic containers I will wear gloves in the store and make sure I do not touch my face with them, then wash all the plastic when I get home and also double wash my hands after throwing away the gloves. I never wear a mask as I have a bottle of water with me and I take a sip every 5 minutes to rinse off any virus that might come in my mouth and it gets destroyed by my stomach acid. I also flush my nose if I had to come into close contact with somebody. Fortunately I have to do all these things very little as we have our groceries delivered to our door and I rarely go out.

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