A healthy snack of banana cake

The banana cake in the picture is a special cake that we bought in the canteen of ADB – Asian Development Bank. Since it was really good so we buy there once in a while. Take note that only employees of that bank can buy the cake so we are lucky to have a nephew who is working in that bank.

When we find a good snack we always note it down so that once in a while we would buy. Sometimes we tend to forget especially when other nice snacks came our way. I am fond of snacks that’s why I am posting this banana cake.

  • Do you eat banana cake?

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    • No
    • sometimes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I love banana cake but never could make it right so when I can I always buy some. A fun way to eat it is take a slice and put it on a plate, top with ice cream scoop, and drizzle with chocolate sauce. You can add whipped cream or not,

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