I read a recent article in the Washington post about books being a portal to our personal histories and if you should pick up a yellowed copy of a childhood favorite book, you might actually be again transported to that snug feeling of a parent’s arms or a first-grade classroom or a library in your hometown. Keen readers should build autobiographies around their favorite books as they would then come to the realization that what they have read, decades ago, is almost as relevant as when they first read it. A high school student reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” as a summer reading assignment discovers an entirely different book than someone who reads it years later, closer in age and outlook to that of Atticus than of Scout.

In the light of this reality, the Washington Post picked their own favorite books for all ages. No definitive way was used to do this. What resonates with one reader may not move another, irrespective of their birth year. This list is just a starting point, and is also intended to invite you to add your own book chronology: Literary milestones that spoke to you during a particular time in your life — and why that is?

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