Women Figure Skating, Short Program (5/7)

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USA’s Tennell is currently in 1st place with 64.01; Japan’s Sakamoto takes over 1st place with 73.18; USA’s Nagasu falls and receives 66.93, which pushes down her position from 2nd to 3rd place. Canada’s Daleman is in 2nd place with 68.90, USA’s Karen Chen is in 4th place with 65.90, and Korea’s Choi Da-Bin is in 3rd place with 67.77. Kazakhstan’s Tursynbayeva is in 8th place with 57.95 points. Figure skating continues as skaters try to beat Sakamoto’s score. OAR’s Medvedeva receives 81.61, which puts her in 1st place until OAR’s Zagitova performs and receives 82.92, which puts her in the lead. Medvedeva is now in 2nd place. Japan’s Miyahara receives 75.94, which puts her in 3rd place until Canada’s Osmond receives 78.87, which now puts her in 3rd place. Italy’s Kostner receives 73.15, which is in 6th place and OAR’s Sotskova receives 63.86, which puts her in 12th place. The Finals for Figure Skating is on Thursday.

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