🕯✨🧞‍♀️Queen Elizabeth~Dark Secrets(Tarot Reading) (2/2)

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Energy in England => fog, mist, and rain, and there is illusion energy, filled with mysterious and mystical happenings and secrets. People are very worried, panic-stricken about the future. There is a deep occult knowledge, still hidden, but it will be revealed soon.

King Charles? He isn’t going to be king for too long. He will have many issues as king.

Queen Elizabeth II has been dead for longer than they mentioned. She didn’t recently die. Negative black magick and health issues led to her death. She is now working in the other dimension as Queen. Her energy is still very strong and magick—evil, dark witchcraft.

Harry and William? Deception and lies. Harry moving away. They aren’t close. They are constantly fighting. Dysfunctional family.

Meghan? Queen didn’t like Harry and Meghan getting married because she was worried about the family legacy and name, and she didn’t want Meghan getting any of the money.

The Queen and Princess Diana energy? They didn’t like her, which is why Diana was sacrificed. Diana was always being stalked and watched.

Queen and the missing indigenous kids? Children are connected to lots of money and adrenochrome.

Queen was immoral. She is now stuck in-between realms because she wasn’t ready to leave the earth and her life. She might have been in denial of her sudden death, even though she was 96 years old and ill. 

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