The weather the lizard and the cactus (1/2)

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Friday, September 9, 2022

It is likely that the Queen has been dead for a while, and it wasn’t a recent death this week. These occult Luciferian people, which includes celebrities, do a lot of charities and philanthropy to make up for their dark acts they do. They hide behind charities. (Just watch Heath Ledgers movie, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which Heath exposes the Illuminati and their acts, leading him to being sacrificed to silence him).

Queen Elizabeth II died a day before Mercury Retrograde—9.9.22— September 9th in Virgo and Saturday, September 10th Full Moon in Pisces. And, “3 days” from 9/11 conspiracy.

Charles might not last long as King of UK because the UK people will likely give him a hard time. Royal Family are Luciferian Reptilians and Shapeshifters.

William Combs ended up dead because he was going to testify against the Queen.

John Rotten says that Jimmy Saville molests kids. Jimmy Saville is a necrophiliac. In Rosemary’s Baby, Guy Woodhouse mentions having sex with a passed out Rosemary in that satanic ritual rape scene was like necrophilia.

The Royals always reference Rosemary’s Baby traits in some way, whether similar clothes, styles, or ideas.

Charles and Camilla had a son when they were teens, and that boy was raised in Australia. Apparently, he looks exactly like Charles.

Agenda 2030 is about thwarting people from taking their power back in 2030. So, they are throwing crap into people’s face to keep people’s head spinning with different issues and blocking people from achieving anything.

Whole Foods now has hand scanners for people who have a microchip in their hand.

Starbucks aren’t going to take cash anymore.

Sean Penn in the Ukraine? He’s probably there because he is involved with Ukraine’s largest pedophilia ring.

Nick Cannon is having his nineth baby.

There is a lockdown in Canada.


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