Wander project the reunion Wisconsin Dells

The family reunion, the actual reunion. We went to a state park near the Dells. Everyone got a chance to wander around and have fun. There are many more pictures, and we’ve skipped quite a few from the event that weekend. The kids and I (my wife had to stay in Indiana due to upcoming tests in school) ended up leaving early that afternoon as the reunion was winding down. We stopped at a Cheese shop on the way home.

I handed the camera to the kids; it was after all designed to be used and abused. It can get wet, dropped and still functions perfectly. It gave the kids a chance to participate and share their view of what happened that lunch and afternoon. We did manage to wander up the river on a pontoon boat. Plus the kids found all the funny settings on the camera.

Bonus pictures are my new tradition and I still have a few more pictures to share from the Dells!


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