Wander project Munich 2007

As we wander pictures taken in Munich Germany, there are two disclaimers I need to make. The first is that my grandfather’s on both sides and my father, all took pictures of historical markers. My father used to screech to a halt when he saw a historical marker by the side of the road. We would get out, read it, and move on to the next (ok that is a slight exaggeration, he did that a few times, not every time). From that heritage or lineage I am now here, and take pictures of signs, people taking pictures of me and historical markets.

Oh yeah and when I am overseas, I take pictures of vending machines. The following pictures were taken while walking around Munich Germany. I have had the fortune of visiting several times, so I took the opportunity to arrive a day before my meetings started, and wander around the city. The images shared are things that caught my eye as I walked around.

Yes, vending machines catch my eye.

I’ve stayed near Downtown Munich and near the airport, so I got to experience the city and the suburbs in my two trips. The images are from a trip in 2007 for an internal meeting. I attended the meetings during the day but more importantly got to hang out with a dear friend in the afternoons and evenings. We went on a couple of long walks around the city. My friend is a beer maker, some of the best beer I’ve ever tasted, so he shared his knowledge of beer and brewing as we wandered one of the founding cities of the beer world. Plus we stopped and campled a couple of beers along the way!


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