Wander project images of Thanksgiving from Bloomington Indiana, Tallahassee Florida and Greenwood Indiana

Continuing the wander Thanksgiving topic, I got to thinking over the years of the many interesting dishes we served, that got served once. My mother gets the first nod; she once bought something called a potato ricer. We used that for one family gathering, and never again. The concept was interesting; the graphical result was not as interesting. There was one year when the Boys ate all the sweet potatoes my mother had made. All of them, including those that were projected for the other people in the house!

The next year arrived, and mom made twice as many sweet potatoes, the boys however no longer liked them and didn’t eat any of them. We had more sweet potatoes than we knew what to do with. Sadly that one was on me; mom asked me the week before if she should make extra and I told her to double what she had made the year before. Oh well, the appetites of children ever change.

One year we tried to make a Yule log. We had 80% of the components; I can tell you that Yule Logs are hard, and you need all the components to make a good Yule log. Ours tasted good, but was a mess to serve and didn’t look, well it looked like a log that had been rolled down Mt.Everest.

I hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving pictures from the past! It is fun to look back at times when the kids were little. They aren’t little anymore, but sometimes it is fun to remember. ( I did cheat the last picture is actually from Halloween).


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