Wander project images of the past and the missing oral history of life…

We didn’t just scan pictures and slides. We scanned artwork for a while. We built a DVD of images for our church, going back to the oldest pictures the church had. We scanned them and then gave them to everyone that wanted them. They, including the modern and old pictures, ended up being a 2 DVD collection. We ended up using the discs as a fundraiser for the education fund of the church. The other images though are not of the church or even wander Indiana.

They aren’t of the church. They are of my wife at various times in her life. As we grow, we evolve. But our lives impact us. I have to say it isn’t fair that I have gray hair and that my wife does not. I am not sure why I inherited my grandfather’s thinning hairline and my father’s gray hair. It seems not fair to me. Anyway, the images are of artwork, people from the past and moments. I won’t wax poetic about the captured moments again I did that enough the other day.

You can capture moments. You can capture time. The memories though those are separate. Why start a family project and share them? Each unshared memory can be lost forever. The oral tradition of history was the only history humanity had for thousands of years. In the modern age as we transition first to images we can capture and keep, and then to images that remain digital and yes we still keep them let us not forget the oral history component that goes with the image.


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Written by DocAndersen

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