Wander project Greenwood and the beginning of the changes!

Over the years I know, moving from film to digital cameras I take a lot of what are later viewed as wasted pictures. I keep most of them. The images shared today are the images from the first spring we were in our house in Greenwood Indiana. We were going to add a pool, that was started in late May. The flowers were out, and we were already figuring out what projects we were going to do next.

The previous owners or the first owners (we were the 3rd owners of the house) had put a railroad tie garden between the end of the lawn and the pond. It was huge and not something that appealed to us.  We decided to remove the railroad ties. That was a long weekend project digging them out. The other thing we didn’t like was the partial wooden fence in the corner of the side yard on the other side of the garage. Removing what was left of that fence was another project. Digging those posts out, and the railroad ties out was the big project for our first year outside at the new house.

We also had several raised beds that had to go (again railroad ties). I suspect now, a few years removed from my ambiguous youth, I would probably pay someone else to do the job. But back then I was young, stupid and wanted to do it myself. I didn’t build the pool though, that took heavy machines and crew. I tore out the pond raised flower bed, the two side raised flower beds and the old wooden fence. Destruction is one from of construction I can do!


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Written by DocAndersen

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