Wander project fruit with meat?

Part of being in a family is some things are discussed for many years. It is a mix of things people need/want and often comes up in conversation repeatedly. In particular, the reality in our house of the fruit with meat argument. There is a nameless person in the house that loves having fruit with meat. There are certain combinations of fruit and meat that work. But not many. This person (again remaining nameless), however, loves all combinations of fruit and meat. This nameless person will ask that fruit and meat combinations be made for dinner almost every night.

First off, as I said, some combinations are ok in that world of fruit and meat. Cranberry Pork Roast is a delightful combination where the sweet (cranberries) mixes with the savory (pork roast) and creates a delightful meal. Pineapple, sliced thin and grilled, served n a hamburger that works as well. Having been exposed to the next dish, there is no way that pears work with pork chops. Applesauce can be served with Pork Chops, but not stuffing. I used to make an apple stuffing for pork chops years ago, and I can honestly say I never liked that stuffing. Apples in the form of sauce on the side with my pork chops, please!

So, where do you fall on this long-running debate? Are you pro-fruit-free meat? Or do you like fake news (give me fruit with meat). Inquiring minds need to know because the argument has gone on for many years. I don’t see a way that it ends. I can hear my father’s voice saying to me, “tomatoes are a fruit,” but they are a delicious exception fruit! Perhaps, in considering the reality of the fruit with meat issue, I should take a step back and say something simple. “the kitchen is available. If you want fruit with meat, then I suspect you should probably cook that dinner!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Nice piece, Doc. Aubergines and courgettes (that’s eggplants and zucchini to you) are fruits too, but there’s no point confusing botanical factoids with our day-to-day understanding. Because it’s self-evident that they (and tomatoes too) are vegetables! All that said, I’m quite fond of some meat/fruit combos, but as when combining any two ingredients, the combo has to work. Lamb stew with dried apricots; beef stew with prunes; chicken with raisins – these all work a treat for me.

    But what about taking it to another level? I believe that when the Aztecs ate their chocolatl, it was as a soup with lots of chiles in. In fact there are some modern Spanish dishes combining chicken and unsweetened cocoa which are believed to have their origin in pre-Columbian Mexico. I think I may just try to cook that up in a day or two 🙂


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