Wander project day trip 2!

We made our second-day trip yesterday; the nice thing about vacation time is you don’t have to rush! The other nice thing is you can relax. We wandered over to a small town just south of Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore, of course, is the city of Edgar Alan Poe. It is also a city that features the fort that the US National Anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner) mentions (that was where the flag still stood after the British bombardment of the Baltimore Harbor during the last British/American war, the War of 1812.) The tiny town we went to is the butling Metropolis of Gambrills.

The one thing about Gambrills is they have a lot of restaurants. There are US Government offices and the Maryland Casino, near Gambrills. It is a Bedroom community for Baltimore.  Sadly the weather didn’t cooperate for our trip. We were not driving along, top-down, and driving home top down on the convertible. It was cloudy and threatening to rain (although it never did rain). Gambrills is about 14 miles north of Annapolis. Annapolis is a very interesting city as well; It is the capital of Maryland. It sits in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and is named for the at the time princess Anne!

We did find a nice place that had decent salads. Well, we had two different kinds of salads. I had a salad with fruit and veggies, as did management. However, mine was served with lettuce. Management went for a tuna salad sandwich! It is funny we ended up getting these huge cups (for water and iced tea) and, for whatever reason, had to bring those home. I used to collect those cups at sporting events and bring them home. I guess fast forward a few years; we are back to doing that again! No shorts were harmed or purchased on this day trip!


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