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The first state capital of Indiana was Corydon. Located along the Ohio River, it allowed for easy access to the Super Highway of the 19th century, the River. Later the capital would move from Corydon and ultimately end up in Indianapolis, near the center of the state (and now the Nexus of some Modern Super Highways!)

Corydon is a mix of history and present day. Let’s talk about Corydon. The interesting thing about the city is the Constitution Oak, a tree that was alive and growing when the Constitution of the State of Indiana was signed and made live. Indiana became a state in the US in 1812. Or 205 years ago! Corydon along with Madison Indiana was the first big cities of the growing concern that would become Indiana. Previously, when Indiana had housed the capital of the Northwest Territories (Vincennes Indiana), the territory had expanded along the river and towards Lake Michigan.

As part of our Corydon Trip, we also wandered by the Falls of Indiana. The Falls of Indiana are connected to the Ohio River, but most of the year there are no falls. Simply a dry river bed that awaits the future overflow of the Ohio to once again become falls!

We spent many happy hours in Corydon remembering the past of Indiana!


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